Tieh Ta Yao Gin 1 FL OZ. 30ML

We have searched far and between to find this stuff for you Indo supplies, this is a must to have for your next surf trip. For cuts and reef scares this is the only thing which will save you from infection and let you surf for the rest of your dream surf trip instead of laying on a bed festering up. A MUST FOR FIRST AID KITS.......

To use - clean wound thoroughly and disinfect. If cut on coral make sure you apply usual treatments such as lime, diluted peroxide or rubbing alcohol to kill and living organisms left in the cut or scratch. Then apply a light coat of this stuff, let dry and apply another coat. Continue applying/drying 3-5 times until a layer forms - this is the layer that will protect you against further infections.

After a surf, dry and apply another 1-3 layers to maintain protection.