Thunder Truck Hi Polish 147 - Will fit any deck from 8" to 8.4".

Thunder Truck – Hi Polish 147 are a team edition skateboard truck from Thunder. Ridden and trusted by the best of the best for their highly durability and performance.

Solid chromoly axles and kingpins in addition to Thunder's well known quick turn response. Thunder are an industry leader when it comes to quality, they are highly regarded at one of the best truck companies and their products will stand the test of time.

Thunder Trucks Features:
Width: 147mm
Axle: 8.125"
Hanger: 5.5″
Deck Sizes 7.9″ to 8.12″
Type: Mid, polished
Forged Aluminum Hanger and Base Plate
Thunder bushings: Clear Blue 94a medium
Lifetime warranty against defects