The Surfboard Studio 3-1/2" Inch Pocket Plane

Introducing the Surfboard Studio 3-1/2 inch Pocket Plane, a versatile and budget-friendly hand plane designed for various applications in surfboard shaping. 

Boasting robust strength and exceptional efficiency, our Surfboard Studio Pocket Plane is a lightweight mini plane, compactly measuring 3-1/2" x 1". This versatile tool excels in the precise reduction of stringers, especially on flat surfaces.

Widely recognized as the most commonly used plane in the Surfboard Manufacturing Industry, this tool is sharp, small, and flat enough to skillfully take down a stringer on most boards without damaging the foam.

Complement your shaping arsenal by incorporating the Surfboard Studio Pocket Plane alongside Surforms, screens, and shaping pads to perfect your next board shape with ease.

-Durable, lightweight, all steel body

- Adjustable cutter is easily sharpened 

- For trimming and fine finishing of wood surfaces