Sticky Bumps Basecoat

The number one selling surfboard wax in the USA - the first traction-added wax that broke away from the use of a paraffin-based surf wax. Long-lasting and easy to apply. Find your own ideal balance between firmness, stability and stickiness by applying these formulas by themselves or together as part of a Basecoat/Topcoat combination.

Selecting wax is not as straight forward as it would seem. If you are little unsure about what to purchase it is important to remember the following – softer waxes are (generally speaking) stickier & easier to apply but are more likely to will rub away & smudge. Harder waxes are less sticky & more difficult to apply but will hold its shape much better and stay on your board for longer.

Temperature guides on wax are great guidelines for what to use at what time of the year, personal preference also plays a big part – ideally though, everyone wants a decent amount of grip without their wax smudging everywhere.

Using a single type of wax on your board is adequate for many & definitely more convenient. If you want to maximize the grip you get over your entire session, a combination of base coat & top coat is recommended.

A harder basecoat provides you with nice firm & stable bumps that are harder to smudge. This firmer base then allows you to apply a softer & stickier top coat. The end result is grippier bumps that are less likely to smudge, that will last longer too.