The Gamma is Kelly’s ultimate utility shortboard built in our popular LFT technology. Kelly has worked with many great shapers throughout his life, refining an array of different shapes, and it’s all been distilled into the Gamma: a shortboard designed for rapid speed and quick direction changes in varying conditions. This shape came from Kelly’s enthusiasm for CAD design, modifying variables, and testing, retesting, testing again, and then landing on his favorite all around shape.

But Kelly is quick to mention that this was more than just him in the lab alone, “Thanks to all my friends who have been riding them and giving feedback,” he says. “This one has definitely been a group effort.” When you view the Gamma’s outline for the first time, a hip is immediately noticeable. This enables a tight turning radius, allowing Kelly (and everyone else) to surf this shape two different ways: short and wide, or long and narrow. That’s why we’ve given everyone the choice between High Performance dimensions and Groveler dimensions.

This board has a single concave through nearly the entire hull, with a slight vee happening behind the thruster box. So, the Gamma will excel most for surfers who favor big, forceful movements on rail, and maneuvers commonly associated with power surfing.