Ocean & Earth Hype Fish/Short Travel Cover - 2 Board: Black

A wider fitting surfboard cover designed for carrying 2 fish and or short boards. This travel cover has shock-absorbing and anti impact foam, external compression straps and 20mm of protection on the rail, nose and tail.  Ideal for domestic or international surf trips.

The Hypa travel surfboard cover range is meticulously crafted with ( XP ) Extra Protection for the nose, tail and rail and featuring refined shapes that not only embodies performance design, but also ensure trusted and reliable protection for your quiver of surfboards

These extra safety measures mean that you can transport up to 2 fish and or short boards without the stress of damaging them. A wider fit, means you can add all your surf accessories, wetsuits and towels with out needing any extra luggage.

Performance meets design. Surf at the next level.

Fits: 2 fish and or short boards (Designed for wider boards )
Includes: Sewn in Board Divider and external compression straps