Hayden Shapes Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is the latest hybrid/shortboard design in the Hayden Shapes surfboard range. Designed with a performance approach in mind, to fit and turn in steeper and tighter parts of the wave while still retaining many of the user friendly characteristics of the Hypto Krypto.

Starting with the Hypto Krypto as a base, you can see that the nose of this shape has been narrowed somewhat, to help reduce swing weight/area. Less area up front also helps it to sit & turn comfortably in tighter parts of the wave face. You can also see in the pics that quite a bit of extra surface area has been added to the tail. This extra tail area increases board speed in smaller, flatter faced waves and makes it a little more loose & lively underfoot.

A prominent feature of the Hayden Shapes Holy Grail is the side cut or inverted outline through the tail – This cut through the back half of the board allows for an increased curve in the rail line between you feet. From a riders perspective, this helps the board the board to come around quicker on rail, adding noticeable responsiveness when initiating maneuvers & whip to the last 3rd of your turns. This added rail curve helps to offset the flatter rocker and extra surface area in the tail – the latter being crucial elements to the boards paddle power and continuous speed.

The rocker on the Holy Grail has been finely tuned to make sure this design retains the speed and familiar feel of the Hypto Krypto. A very similar, flatter curve is featured through the middle 3rd of the board, with the most notable change being an increase in tail lift and a touch more nose rocker. This extra rocker through the tail helps compensate for the wider tail block and ultimately stops the board from feeling sticky. The nose or entry rocker has a touch more curve than the Hypro Krypto to help the board fit in those tighter curves, but not so much that it dramatically reduces your paddle power & glide on to waves.

The Hayden Shapes Holy Grail is shorter and wider performance shortboard that paddles very well for it’s size. Designed to turn, fit & ultimately perform like few boards of its dimensions can, with plenty of flow. A board that will help get you in to waves easily and moving down the line quickly, but still able to throw down proper turns when the right section presents itself... Looks to be a very fun choice as we head into our marginal wave season. Great in the right size for those with intermediate to advanced skill levels