An integral part of the surfing experience is sliding concrete. From those first roller skate wheels nailed onto a piece of 4 x 1 and a ride down the driveway, Terry Fitz has kept a weather eye on skateboarding. Through the skate explosion of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s the same lines laid in Dogtown pools were morphed at Velzyland and Alley Rights. The Zephyr Boys, Jay, Alva, Stacey, CR were watching Bertlemen, Liddell and TF and vice versa, all carving very different lip lines. In the mid ‘80’s, Paul Burnett and his Dad designed, patented and built a vertical pin truck for the first Hot Buttered Skateboards. Now the original 1987 HB ‘OZE’ skatie featuring the original artwork and re-cast ‘vertical pin’ truck are back in production. Features: • HB OZE COMPLETE. • CLASS A CANADIAN MAPLE DECK 30.5” x 10” • VERTICAL PIN ALUM + CARBON STEEL TRUCK • 64 X 55 MM 83A WHEEL SET.