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The Flying V combines snowboard & surfing Ski Tails using reverse curves in the trailing edge of the boards planshape, As the wave face curves, the rail edge straightens & locks in for high speed drive in the fastest of sections. The swallow tail is strengthened by two short rail stringers either side of the centre for power & punch.

Constructed from premium grade 1.9lb density Arpro Polypropylene resins, Kinetic Core delivers amazing projection and response as a result of high pressure cell- fusion created during the blank manufacturing process. Kinetic Core is a warm water core available in various reinforcement configurations, each tuned-in for specific wave conditions.
Hollow, lightweight, filament wound EGF (Epoxy-Glass Fibre) for increased board strength and spring-like recoil. (Note: Stringers do not prevent creasing – please check for stringer placement when drilling leash plug).
Finest grade, authentic Dupont SurlynTM slick bottom skin. Surlyn exhibits rubber like properties for superior projection.
DECK: Wave Cushion Air PE Deck
8lb. non-crosslink Polyethylene outer skins. The premier skin for high performance bodyboarding.
RAILS: IXLPE Inner Rail/ Cellucushion Outer Rail, Double 50/50 rails
HB's new innovation in Board design. The swallow tail creates more flex in the tail making the rails flex & contort in waves resulting in increased manouvreability, torque & projection.
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Slick Mesh, Nose & Tail Bumpers, Nose Bulbs

Double V Concave
This board features a Double V Concave instead of channels. This creates an air pocket in the back half of the board. Breaking up surface tension & creating an air bubble resulting in more lift, less drag, increased speed while having better hold & rail control resulting in better manouvreability. This creates the ultimate board for speed & control.