GBoards Classic 8'0" x 23" x 3 1/8" 69L

Specifically designed to provide a safe, forgiving introduction into surfing – these G Boards are one of the best riding and most durable soft surfboards available. Unlike many other products on the market, G Boards are constructed out of closed cell foam. If a G Board is punctured or damaged (eg by rocks etc) little if any water will be absorbed by the foam core (other brands of boards soak up water like a sponge if damaged). Using this material greatly increases the life of the board and eliminates the costly procedure of repairing you board to keep it water tight.

G Boards are also one of the closest soft boards in shape to a real surfboard. A curvier shape and tapered rail means that G Boards perform a lot more like a real surfboard compared to other products. As the rider progresses, they will be able to start learning basic manoeuvres on a G Board.

G Boards have earned the reputation over many years as being one of the safest and most durable pieces of learning equipment available – as a result, they are used by the vast majority of surf schools throughout Australia.