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Futures Stretch Quad HC

Futures Stretch Quad HC
The Stretch Quad, designed by Santa Cruz shaper William "Stretch" Riedel, is a medium size Speed Generating quad with a Ride Number of 7.2. The honeycomb construction combined with a concave foil on the front fins and symmetrical foil on the rear fins create a looser feel, ideal for building speed. Both front and rear templates feature Stretch's signature beak-tip to provide ultimate performance.
This fin set has a fairly broad application as far as the different types of boards it will work in.  Equally at home in more retro styled quad fin fish shapes or HP shortboards.  Stretch has been championing quads longer than most & has put significant time into developing the modern incarnations of Quad fin surfboards over the past 20+ years.
Side Fins
Area: 14.52"2
Height: 4.39"
Base: 4.34
Foil: V2
Back Fins
Area: 12.39"2
Height: 4.00"
Base: 3.88"
Foil: Symm

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