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Performance 4.5 PG Fiberglass Single Fin - Solid Grey / Transparent Grey

Futures Performance PG Single Fin

Choose your weapon. The Performance range offers a solution for every set up. The 4.5” is the standard thruster center fin, with a 1-Shot Box base. The 6”, 7” and 8” are different size 2+1 center fins sized at 1” increments, to allow for customizing your set up. The 9” is the single fin version, providing enough fin area for that traditional longboard feel.


Performance 4.5"
Base: 4.5"
Height: 4.6"
Area: 15.3"
Performance 6.0"
Base: 4.6"
Height: 6.0"
Area: 20.0"
Performance 7.0"
Base: 4.8"
Height: 7.0"
Area: 24.5"
Performance 8.0"
Base: 5.6"
Height: 8.0"
Area: 31.5"
Performance 9.0"
Base: 6.3"
Height: 9.0"
Area: 39.8"


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