Futures Machado Twin + 1 Blackstix 3.0 - Red

Signature Rob Machado Twin Fin for extra smooth rail to rail transitions.

The Machado signature twin fin is the first of its kind in Blackstix 3.0 construction. Designed with single flyer swallow tails in mind (like the Firewire Rob Machado Midas model), the template features an upright twin fin pair, with a smaller trailing fin for added stability.

Like the rest of the Blackstix 3.0 range - these feature Futures’ V2 foil, easily generates speed and is super smooth through turns. The combination of carbon and bamboo materials create a very lively feel, ideal for high performance surfing. This set performs great in waves ranging from 2’-8’, in everything from soft beach breaks to fast point breaks.

Side Fins
Area: 19.04", Height: 5.61", Base: 4.64" , Foil: V2

Center Fin
Area: 11.00, Height: 3.8, Base: 3.69, Foil: Symm