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FKD - Red Swiss Skateboard Bearings
Set of 8 bearings
FKD Swiss Red Skateboard Bearings.
This full set of 8 Swiss Red FKD Bearings feature:ARMOR SHIELDS A protective non-contact seal that keeps dirt and dust from contaminating the bearing
HONED RACESSmooth polished surfaces and high impact steel races add to overall speed and durability
PRECISION CAGELight weight, high precision, low friction composite ball bearing cage
STAINLESS STEEL BALLSPrecision honed, heat treated steel balls maintain strength, hardness and symmetrical shape for maximum speed
All FKD Bearings come in a set of 8 (two for each skateboard wheel). One set will allow you to assemble a full deck of 4 wheels. These bearings will fit any skateboard wheel, which allow you to mount your wheels to any truck axle.