FCS X2 Plug Charcoal Tri

The FCS "X-2" plug is the original FCS system.

The original twin tab, removable fin system for Surfboards.  Plugs that are easy to install and easy to repair compared to other fin systems.  The H-pattern in the base adds significant strength, helping to anchor the plugs into the surfboard.


X-Blend material developed in conduction with DuPont.
Custom construction blend of nylon, with 40% fiberglass.
High stiffness and tensile strength.
Dimensional stability.
High melting point.
High resistance to abrasion, UV light and extreme environmental conditions.
35-40% stronger than previous fin plug models


Please note: most fins will need 2 of these plugs per fin.

Thruster set up: 4 x Rail plugs and 2 x Center plugs.