FCS II RM Seaside PG Quad Fins

The Machado Seaside Quad is Rob's first signature FCSII fin template designed specifically for his Firewire Seaside model. This small keel with rear stabilizer is proving itself to be a firm favorite on a variety of small wave weapons. With the flow of a traditional keel combined with the extra control of a performance quad.

Side Fins
Base: 4.72" (119.9mm)
Depth: 4.78" (121.4mm)
Area: 20.98" (13538mm)
Sweep Deg: 38.5
Foil: FLAT
Quad Trailers/Rears
Base: 3.38" (85.7mm)
Depth: 3.06" (77.6mm)
Area: 9.73" (6276mm)
Sweep Deg: 38.6
Foil: Flat