FCS II Performer PC Tranquil Blue Quad Fin Set

The Performer template is the most balanced template in the FCS II range – giving you equal amounts drive, speed, flow & response.  A real no brainer when trying to decide on fins…this template will do the job in most performance or retro shapes. Available in Small, Medium & Large sizes - this is a well proportioned template delivering a very nice balance of drive, pivot and hold.  Ideal for surfers who want a reliable ‘All Round’ fin delivering a combination of speed and maneuverability with flow between turns.  The PC Performance Core AirCore construction has a nice all-round flex pattern that gives you a good combination of liveliness & response for use in the vast majority of conditions.


Base: 3.83" / 97mm
Depth: 3.99" / 101mm
Area: 11.08"² / 7150mm²
Sweep: 32.47º
Foil: 80/20


Base: 4.09" / 104mm
Depth: 4.26" / 108mm
Area: 12.63"² / 8150mm²
Sweep: 32.4º
Foil: 80/20


Base: 4.33" / 110mm
Depth: 4.51" / 115mm
Area: 14.18"² / 9150mm²
Sweep: 32.4º
Foil: 80/20

AirCore Construction

Exclusive to the FCS II range - AirCore Technology is a precision, lightweight construction featuring a pressed polyurethane foam core that allows for total manipulation of the fins flex.

The AirCore construction also reduces the total amount of fiberglass and resin required in the RTM moulding process which makes them significantly lighter than traditional honeycomb/fibreglass constructions.

The pressed polyurethane foam core is designed to specifically mimic the geometric foil of each fin in the range. As a result, AirCore fins have a more progressive flex from the base right through to the tip which helps you to maintain drive, speed and flow through your whole ride.