FCS II Performer PC Teal Longboard Centre

The Performer template is the most balanced template in the FCS II range – giving you equal amounts drive, speed, flow & response. A real no brainer when trying to decide on fins…this template will do the job in most performance thrusters. A reliable all-round fin for a wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks available in Medium, Large & X-Large. Perfect for turning your longboard into a thruster, as an adjustable trailer on other boards with fin boxes retro or modern


Base: 4.37" / 111mm
Depth: 4.55" / 115mm
Area: 14.81"² / 9554mm²
Sweep: 33.7º
Foil: Inside


Base: 4.48" / 114mm
Depth: 4.67" / 118mm
Area: 15.58"² / 10054mm²
Sweep: 33.7º
Foil: Inside


Base: 4.59" / 117mm
Depth: 4.78" / 121mm
Area: 16.36"² / 10554mm²
Sweep: 33.7º
Foil: Inside