FCS II Mid Single Fin Clear

You committed to riding a midlength, so it makes sense to maximise the performance of the board by using a set of fins that allows you to perform to your full potential.

The Mid Single 6.5" and 7" have been designed to work across a variety of midlength models with a 2 + single box setup. Both sizes share the same template.

The template has a very balanced outline with moderate area through the tip and a neutral sweet angle that offers a very consistent, smooth feeling.

With an emphasis on glide, the Mid Single has been made from our solid Performance Glass material to suit this category. The foil is engineered to have a semi-stiff tip flex to assist with drawing clean, flowing lines on longer midlength boards.

  • Designed for mid-lengths and hybrids
  • Single fin template for Midlengths
  • PG Material