FCS II FT Filipe Toledo PC Tri Fins
FCS II FT Filipe Toledo Thruster Set – a great all-round template that is for fast, progressive surfing. Compared to a FCS II Performer template, the FT has a touch more base, a touch more height and a little more area further back – without becoming too raked back.  This template gives this fin set a little more drive & control compared to the Performer, without increasing the turning circle of your board dramatically & without hindering your ability to release your fins through the lip.
Definitely on of our strongest sellers - a suitable fin for most performance shortboards or performance oriented small wave vehicles.

Base: 4.​41″ / 11​2mm
Depth: 4.5​4″ / 11​5mm
Area: 1​4.93″² / 9​634 mm²
Sweep: 3​4.8°
Foil – Side Fins: 80/20
Foil – Centre Fin: 50/50

Base: 4.​5​2″ / 1​1​5mm
Depth: 4.​​54″ / 11​​​8mm
Area: 1​5.​71″² / 10​134 mm²
Sweep: 3​4.8°
Foil – Side Fins: 80/20
Foil – Centre Fin: 50/50

AirCore Construction

Exclusive to the FCS II range - AirCore Technology is a precision, lightweight construction featuring a pressed polyurethane foam core that allows for total manipulation of the fins flex.

The AirCore construction also reduces the total amount of fiberglass and resin required in the RTM moulding process which makes them significantly lighter than traditional honeycomb/fibreglass constructions.
The pressed polyurethane foam core is designed to specifically mimic the geometric foil of each fin in the range. As a result, AirCore fins have a more progressive flex from the base right through to the tip which helps you to maintain drive, speed and flow through your whole ride.