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FCS II AM PC Twin+1 XLarge Fin Set

An X-Large  pair of twin fins with the added option of a stabilizer - created with fast controlled turns in mind

Channel Islands founder Al Merrick designed this signature Twin Fin set which consists of  an XLarge pair of twin fins with the added option of a stabilizer.  Created with fast controlled turns in mind, this broad & upright twin fin template gives you blinding speed and quick pivoty direction changes - perfect for slicing up a storm in small to medium waves.  A small stabilizing trailer has been added to this set for a of touch of extra control for those of us that are heavier footed.

These fins are a great choice for many of the more specialized small wave & retro crafts that we currently have on our racks or to add a little extra spice to one of your broader tailed boards.


Base: 5.0​7" / 12​9mm
Depth: 5.​61" / 14​2mm
Area: 2​0.​37"² / 13​140mm²
Sweep: 3​2.1º
Foil: Flat

Base: 3.​​94" / ​​100mm
Depth: 3.​69" / ​​94mm
Area: ​​9.46"² / ​​6100mm²
Sweep: ​​39.​2º
Foil: 50/50

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