FCS Day Fun Board Board Bag

A tough &  super light board bag for day to day use with broader Fish shapes of Fun boards. Designed for a better fit with 3D stretch, which also improves padding on the rails of your board with the 3D edge providing continuous and overlapping foam protection.  Keep your gear protected in tip-top condition and ready for waves.

  • Lightweight: lightweight material ​to minimise boardbag weight. 30% lighter than previous model.
  • 5mm High Density Padding: perfect protection for day-to-day use.
  • Contoured Stretch Fit: uses a unique ‘armadillo’ strip that not only provides ventilation, but keeps the bag snug and secure around your board.
  • 3D Rail Protection: eliminates seams and provides a continuous layer of high density foam that contours to the shape of the rail.
  • Expandable Fin Wing: allows for you to carry your board with or without fins.
  • Ergonomic Shoulder Pad: double layered and vented to provide the ultimate in comfort and support.
  • Noncorrosive Zippers: built for strength, durability and resistance to seizing, corrosion or salting up


Cover Size Max ​Board Length* Max Board Width* Cover Weight
6'0" 6'1" 22 2/5" / 569mm 1.1kg
6'3" 6'4" 22 2/5" / 569mm 1.2kg
6'7" 6'8" 23 1/9" / 587mm 1.3kg
7'0" 7'1" 23 1/9" / 587mm 1.3kg
7'6" 7'7" 23 4/9" / 596mm 1.5kg
8'0" ​8'1" 24 1/6" / 623mm 1.6kg