$350.00 $599.99

The Dakine Cyclone Zip-Free takes their disruptive design concept to the next level.

The brief was clear – the best performing wetsuit for fit, feel, warmth and stretch to match or exceed the best in the market. While incorporating a level of durability to challenge the expected lifespan of high-end wetsuits.

The Cyclone is the pinnacle of Dakine's wetsuit program’s development.

Featuring the best high-end materials and construction for surfers looking for unmatched performance in flexibility and warmth. The full suit is a performance focused zip free design - 3/2mm true thickness - a proper cold water wetsuit. The Hexo_Therm lined core and fully sealed seams make these feel warmer than some thicker suits, meaning you'll be significantly warmer than most.

· Zip free with Curv Lock
· Hexo_Therm core
· Smooth seal neck

80% Neoprene, 15% Nylon, 5% Polyester

All models use DK_prene_L and abrasion resistant linings in high wear areas. All seams are twice glued and at least twice reinforced with a combination of 3D stitch, liquid seal and tape, with the exception of the fused jacket and flatlocked spring suit. DK_Prene_Lite is the lightest and most flexible in key stretch areas. DK_Hexo_Therm - high loft, fast drying for the most warmth in core areas for max warmth. All foam is limestone based, reduced PAH, Carbon Black neoprene which cuts CO2 emissions by 200g per wetsuit. Solvent free lamination eliminates 600 grams of harmful VOC’s per wetsuit. DK_Hex - Stretch woven for extreme flex, embossed and dope dyed. Dope dyed fabrics saves 104 liters of water per kg of fabric and 26% reduced carbon footprint.

The Cyclone wetsuits feature an industry first innovation in the shoulder seal to secure and lock down the entry panel and ensure the most water tight seal.

Zip free is the natural progression of chest entry wetsuits, with more freedom of movement across the chest and fewer components to fail.

On Cyclone neck, arm and leg seals Dakine uses a smooth skin neoprene coating to make a tighter seal.

On Cyclone models Dakine used a fused seam, sealed with a silicon compound and taped inside.

Neoprene tape applied to the inside seams and seam junctions. Used in critical tape for strength or full seam tape for absolute seal.

Tactically placed abrasion resistant panels in areas of high wear or high material fatigue.