Captain Fin Co. CF Pivot ST Single Tab Thruster Fin Set 

The CF-Pivot Series is an upright fin design for speed and tighter turning arcs. This upright template gives you a  much tighter turning radius, for radical direction changes in and around the pocket. With a slightly smaller trailer fin for improved pivot and tail release. Ideal for surfers who like to perform fast, aggressive turns. An excellent choice for steeper, peakier & hollower waves - great in beach breaks.

Medium Specs:

Side Fins - Area 15.44", Height 4.55" Base 4.5" Foil Flat

Center Fin - Area 14.21", Height 4.35" Base 4.34" Foil 50/50

Large Specs:

Side Fins - Area 16.13", Height 4.65" Base 4.5" Foil Flat

Center Fin - Area 15.12", Height 4.48" Base 4.48" Foil 50/50