Billabong 2mm Furnace Comp Split Toe Boot Black

Billabong's Mens Furnace Comp 2mm Split Toe Boots keep your feet warm in those colder conditions where a steamer isn't enough on its own. Made from a high-performance neoprene and fitted with Carbon Graphene lining. This means that despite the neoprene only being 2mm thick, it'll feel much warmer!

To split or not to split: the age-old question of all prospective boot buyers is whether to go for a boot with a split toe.  Aside from channelling the relaxed vibes that come from wearing thongs, the split has a specific goal and that is to stop your toes from moving around which in-turn destabilises you, akin to having no wax under your feet.!  Unless you've got funky toes that can't fit, you should always opt for the split toe.

Billabong Mens Furnace Comp 2mm Split Toe Bootie Features:

  • Split Toe: Ideal for surfing, this bootie design allows you to better transfer your movements from your feet to your board.
  • High-Performance Neoprene: Lightweight and flexible neoprene is important even in a surfing wetsuit. 
  • Carbon Graphene 0.40 Lining: Billabong's premium internal lining is used throughout their wetsuit ranges for added warmth. Furnace lining is hydrophobic and is stitched in a way that creates countless air-bubbles in the lining, in-turn improving on thermal retention! It dries quickly too.
  • Instep Velcro Adjustment: It's important that the boot hugs the foot closely. If it's loose, when you adjust your foot positioning it might not fully transfer to your board and is wasting on movement within the boot. Sizing is super important for these booties, but this strap helps a lot.
  • Glued and Blind-Stitched Seams with Taping Reinforcement.