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FINshop Fibreglass Repair Kit

FINshop Fibreglass Repair Kit

Grab one of our brand new, superior fibreglass repair kits.  With all the components you need to do high quality repairs on your equipment at home .  Containing better quality and more components that many other repair kits on the market, you can put those little extra touches on your repairs to make them look and function better.


250ml UV Polyester Resin

10ml MEKP Hardener

30ml Acetone

4oz Woven Strand 300mm x 600mm

Piece PU Foam

Chop Strand 400gm 500mm x 170mm

Q-Cell Filler

4 Mixing Sticks

Measuring Cup

Resin Brush

1 Razor Blade

1 Squeegee

Pair of Gloves

80 Grit Dry Sandpaper

120 Grit Dry Sandpaper

180 Grit Dry Sandpaper

400 Grit Wet and Dry Sandpaper



(N.B This product is not suitable for epoxy & eps foam repairs)



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